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Would you like to have “Positive Power & Influence”?

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Are you tired of talking and giving orders without anything ever coming out as you asked? Do you get the impression people around you aren’t listening? Do you feel as though you are not valued by your team and peers? Do you feel your authority is questioned?

And did you figure out by now that fighting people to get your way usually gets things done anyway but your way?

In today’s corporate world it is necessary to find a strategy to attain goals effectively and fairly while maintaining healthy work relationships – a strategy that doesn’t rely solely on the power that comes with your position or status in the company.

More than ever the need arises to captivate. That is working towards goals while – and not at the expense of – building constructive, motivating and lasting relationships and maintaining your team’s wellbeing. That is the difference between a boss and a leader. And you can guess which one companies and teams need.

As Ken Blanchard put it: “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”.

The Positive Power and Influence® program opens the door to the whole new world of influence’s true power. It allows you to:
– Understand the concept of positive influence;
– Be more aware of yourself – your areas of improvement, your strengths and how to use and build on them to become the most effective and genuine version of yourself;
– Know your impact on others and how it can bring you the much wanted positive results – even in challenging situations and always assuring the relationship isn’t impaired.

This program is based on the Situational Influence Model and is composed by 4 different moments:
1. Diagnosis, to assess influence behaviors through a 360º evaluation using the ISQ – Influence Styles Questionnaire.
2. Two day workshop.
3. One executive coaching session (optional).
4. One year access to the ISQ to assess evolution.

Know more about the program here and join us next March 15th and 16th in a journey with the ultimate destination: attaining positive results through influence and keeping everyone happy while you do it!


Estamos a recrutar: Comercial/Marketing B2B na área internacional

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Procuramos um novo elemento para a nossa equipa, para nos ajudar a brilhar mais longe!

Objetivo da função:
Angariação de projetos na área da formação e consultoria no mercado internacional, aliando as vertentes de Marketing e comercial.

Perfil do candidato:
– Formação superior em Gestão ou Marketing
– Experiência comprovada na área Comercial ou Marketing B2B
– Gosto e aptidão tanto para a área Comercial como para a área de Marketing
– Proficiência no inglês
– Proatividade
– Orientação para resultados
– Autonomia e capacidade de autocrítica
– Criatividade
– Adaptabilidade/resiliência

Se te identificas com o perfil e função descritas e queres agarrar um novo desafio, envia o teu CV para

No Bully Portugal na Prova Oral!

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Em conversa com o Fernando Alvim, Isabel e Inês estiveram na Antena 3 a falar sobre o tema do Bullying. Veja-nos aqui!

Nestas Festas dê a si este presente

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Embarque numa viagem de Mindfulness que reequilibrará o seu cérebro para se preparar para 2018.

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Why should you work for a B Corporation?

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Bright Concept – as a B Corp – is part of the growing global movement of people using business as a force for good TM.

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Culture Produces Results

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One of the best ways to understand the value of the Culture Change Program is to hear from the people and companies that have experienced its impact.

Source: Partners in Leadership