Culture Produces Results

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One of the best ways to understand the value of the Culture Change Program is to hear from the people and companies that have experienced its impact.

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With the Bright Leadership Movement, we want to put an end to incompetence, sloppiness, egocentricity and corruption.

Our intention is not to criticize or denounce it. Instead, we want to teach leaders to set an example and to create the right contexts, so their teams can be committed and aligned. They will not even remember to have behaviors that could harm them or their organizations.

The next event we are organizing is the Lead to Accountability Program. This Program will take place at Pousada de Cascais on the 27th and 28th September 2017. On the 29th we will visit Cascais, Guincho and Cabo da Roca, on the 27th we will have a Portuguese wine tasting and on the 28th we will have a traditional Portuguese dinner. One Executive Coaching and one assessment are also included in the Program.

For more information click here. Join the Bright Leadership Movement and gain the tools you need for a positive and capable attitude towards difficulties. End the lack of efficiency and motivation in your work. When people become accountable, they make things happen!


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“DEVELOP motivation, proactivity, or Accountability for a more productive and winning Portugal”. This is the motto of Bright Concept, a company that has worked for 20 years making people more efficient and satisfied in their work.

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Looking at your goals, do you feel committed and capable? Do you feel responsible for the results you have? Or do you say frequently “This is not my responsibility”, “I didn’t know about that”, “I didn’t achieve the results because of the current situation of the country”.

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For the second time in a row, Bright Concept was chosen by customers as the Best HR Supplier in the field of training. Can you tell us an example of a result with your trainings?

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